"Beyok" , a brand of ozone health appliances that has been precipitated for more than 20 years, began with the courage of the founder's continuous innovation and breakthrough and the persistence of health and environmental protection.
      In the forefront of reform and opening up and the turbulent market economy, Wenzhou Yueqing Liuzhou has been bravely setting the stage for reform, and many excellent companies and people have emerged. In the 1980s, the founder of the company abandoned the professional career of teachers to join the wave of the real economy. After starting from low-voltage electrical appliances and home appliance accessories, with the future people's ideology to protect the environment and health concepts, 1997 decided to choose more challenging and prospective. Ozone health products, "Beyok" brand was born. After experiencing the constant baptism of the market, the company has been steadily developing and becoming an early enterprise in the ozone industry, and has formed a professionally focused “BEYOK” brand accumulation and market reputation.
      With the development of the company, the company's successor concentrated resources in 2011 in Jiaxing, the core city of the Yangtze River Delta, to build a new ozone production and application base platform - Zhejiang Beyok Technology Co., Ltd., becoming the leading comprehensive competitiveness of the industry. 
      "Beyok" has always been using ozone as the core technology, focusing on ozone generators, health and environmental protection applications. The original intention of more than 20 years' persistence is to make excellent products and apply them to protect environment and benefit society.
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