BEYOKozone Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of ozone systems and related components since 1997. BEYOKozone's expertise in ozone applications spans over several markets for water and air purification industry, including air quality, pools & spas, aquariums, laundry, food safety, aqua culture, and industrial applications, etc. With a full ozone product line ranging from 0.2 grams per hour to 600 grams per hour, and patents pending on several ozone-related products and processes, BEYOKozone markets globally and has over 300,000 installations on six continents. BEYOKozone has been "Green" since 1997 and continues to strive to reduce the hazards associated with chemical use as well as provide the best green technology at the best price.
About Us
Four advantages make you feel free to choose
  • 01
    Focus on ozonizer

    Ozone disinfection can protect health and environment

  • 02
    24 years and R&D

    24 years brand / R&D center / 100+ patents / Core technologies

  • 03
    Manufacture base

    20000m2 factory/ 3 million productivity / High quality control

  • 04
    Abundant products

    mg-g-kg / 300+ products/ 100+ applications / 5000+ customers



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